Several walls in Brittany are to be brought down

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de MAB, Musée Archipel Breton
Porte-parole: Jean-Loup Le Cuff

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The first one was that of shame…: at last the young generations begin to be proud to be Breton, and claim it! They have not know the humiliations the former ones had to bear in front of a forced uprooting.

The second wall to be brought down is linguistic: it would not have made us more stupid to be perfectly bilingual, on the contrary! Shame on Jules Ferry and his black hussards! Let us imagine doing the same thing to the children of Île-de-France [Paris and the surrounding area]: hang an Eiffel Tower around their neck every time they would say a word in French, instead of speaking the language of any occupying nation?

Third wall, that of History : still no museum worth this name in Brittany, displaying us our Kings and Dukes. The few tapestries of “late” Parliament of Brittany [in Rennes. Caught fire in 1994] which told about them, finished to burn in the “restoring” workshop of Île de France, and were of course never rebuilt since...). No large museum either that shows us in Brittany the archaeological heritage found in our Breton soil, most of it hidden in reserves outside Brittany...

The fourth wall is political : we lost our independence after the battle of Saint-Aubin du Cormier in 1488. We then lost our autonomy – or what remained of it – during the “Night of August 4th”, 1789, when Rights and Liberties of Brittany were merged into the privileges of the noble persons and abolished like them! YES to citizen equality but NO to political, cultural, media, economic submission of the Bretons in front of the Jacobins, who cut the heads [by “guillotine”] of the federalists, and No to their Prefects, neither elected nor appointed by us! Democracy? Rather oligarchy!

The fifth wall is that of the partition of Brittany under Pétain [1941, second world war, German occupation], partition confirmed successively by all governments known as those of “release”, whether they are of right-hand side or left! Why are the Bretons in the 44 [Loire-Atlantique], still today, our “Eastern Germans”?

Searching well, we would find many more other walls to bring down in Brittany! How many French presidents have really leant on the question, from de Gaulle to Sarkozy? None! Why? Because the majority of our compatriots, like sheep, still vote as colons rather than as Bretons. May they awake at last !

Jean-Loup Le Cuff, translation Maryvonne Cadiou. See (voir notre article) in French.


What is MAB ? (voir le site)

In 2000 and 2001, our collective of defence opposed successfully to the sacrilegious project of departmental site of burying household garbage on the north/northeast part of the field of the important European and French-Breton battle of 1488, the consequence of which being the loss of independence of Brittany. There rest about 8.000 men of ten different nationalities, English, German, French, Flemish, Swiss, Spanish, Basque, Neapolitan, Gascon and numerous Bretons...

This subject revealed misunderstanding and disrespect for Breton History, which is still not taught at school in the five departments of Brittany. Today, in full European construction, and before the brambles of forgetting grow again on our more than millennium history, we would want our taxes not to be used only to feed the abyss of various Parisian Pharaonic constructions: we would wish to build at the entrance of Brittany, close to the historic site of Saint-Aubin of Cormier and crossed by the Estuaries A84 motorway, a museum space about the battle, in its historical context, in an international spirit of cultural, economic and tourist development.

In this uncertain expectation, we have already acquired through the Sci Koad Sav Pell, a part of the epicentre of the battle (4 ha 25 a) where the Breton troops and allied stood before the commitment of the fight, and where we began to build a sculptures-memorial park without any government help. Our MAB association [means son in Breton], Museum of Breton Archipelago, created in January 2001, is opened to all those who wish, in a legitimate democratic need, to offer to the Bretons and to all the visitors. a vision of our rich Breton History. (voir le site) of MAB.

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