Brittany. Reunification protesters accused : a failing justice is the sign of ill democracy

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Communiqué de presse de Parti breton
Porte-parole: Gérard Olliéric

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The disproportionate sentence to the six Breton youths who smeared the « Pays de la Loire » regional Council reminds us that French justice is failing and that its verdict was political and in contradiction with the wish for reunification supported by a wide majority of Bretons.

Let us remind that French justice is a two-tier one that severely and brutally condemns simple smearer citizens – whose judicial case is empty so far – to suspended prison, 100 hours of community service and a large financial penalty, whereas it found no grounds for prosecution in other, much more serious cases.

Let us remind also that the attorneys (whose requisitions have been followed in this case) are named by the French government, i.e. alternatively by the 2 major political parties (PS and UMP), which amnestied themselves twice. We would have wished to see an independent tribunal pronounce itself in this matter.

Unfair, failing justice is the sign of ill democracy. Should we therefore think, as Tony Blair did, that France is no democracy ?

For the Breton Party, judicial emancipation for Brittany is a democratic necessity in order to guarantee to the Breton people :

- a real independent justice ;

- a better consideration of society, and therefore a reform of the way attorneys are nominated ;

- a better equity ;

This verdict is unacceptable. The judgment doesn't take into account the anti-Breton political context, led by Jacques Auxiette and his « ligerisation » assimilation policy. The Breton Party repeats its support to the six Breton youths from Loire-Atlantique and hopes the appeal will be the occasion for a wide demonstration of solidarity.

For the Breton Party, the President, Gérard Olliéric

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