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- Annonce -
Sinéad O'Connor : marv eo al laouenanig, mouezh bro Iwerzhon hag ar maouezed
Marv eo Sinead e miz Gouere, miliadoù a dud a zo aet d'he obidoù, o lidañ ur ganerez varv da 56 bloaz.
Fanny Chauffin pour Kerne Multimedia le 31/07/23 9:46
Paddy's Lament :
Réalisation : MrLoddur
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Marv eo Sinead e miz Gouere, miliadoù a dud a zo aet d'he obidoù, o lidañ ur ganerez varv da 56 bloaz.

Ur vaouez dispar, gloazet, kaset gant he zad d'an hunva da 13 vloaz, drailhet foto ar pap ganti, pevar bugel he doa ganet, met siwazh dezhi unan anezho oa oc'h en em zistruj da 17 vloaz. Rock, folk, konvertiset d'an islam, blev touzet aliees. Lavaret he doa en ur cd brav ken-ken, San Nos Nua : "pareañ a ra ar c'han hag ar sonennoù, n'eo ket dav bout kaner evit kanañ. Roit ar gomz d'ho kalon ha kanit ma kavit ar gerioù. Se an hini eo ar sean-nos : ene ar sonerezh an hini eo. Gwir sonerezh, soul bro Iwerzhon. Gloar da Jah".

Setu komzoù ar sonenn "Paddy's lament", planedenn pobl Iwerzhon da vat...

Well it's by the hush, me boys

And that's to mind your noise

And listen to poor Paddy's sad narration

I was by hunger stressed

And in poverty distressed

So I took a thought I'd leave

The Irish nation

Well I sold me horse and cow

My little pigs and sow

My father's farm of land

I then departed

And me sweetheart Bid McGee

I'm afraid I'll never see

For I left her there that morning


Here ye boys

Now take my advice

To America I'll have ye

Not be coming

There is nothing here but war

Where the murderin' cannons roar

And I wish I was at home

In dear old Dublin

Well meself and a hundred more

To America sailed o'er

Our fortunes to be making

We were thinkin'

When we got to yankee land

They put guns into our hands

Saying "Paddy, you must go

And fight for Lincoln"

General Meagher to us he said

If you get shot or lose your head

Every mother's son of youse

Will get a pension

Well in the war I lost me leg

And all I've now's a wooden peg

And by soul it is the truth

To you I mention

Well I think meself in luck

If I get fed on Indianbuck

And old Ireland is the country

I delight in

To the devil I would say

God curse Americay

For in truth I've had enough

Of your hard fightin'

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Youtuberez, kazetennerez evit Ya, Ar Men, an Abp, kelennerez, komedianez, kanerez, konterez, filmourez, ha stourmerez war dachenn ar repuidi, gwirioù mabden, ar brezhoneg, an endro e Breizh. E penn aozadur Kan ar bobl bro Kemperle, kenstrivadeg Priz ar Vugale ha Priz ar Yaouankiz, kenstrivadeg haiku Taol Kurun, bet renerez ar festival pad ugent vloaz....
Gwelout pennadoù all Kerne Multimedia
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P. Argouarch Le Lundi 31 juillet 2023 18:26
N'ouzon ket ar stumm-se Paddy Lament. An hinni gwellañ eo.

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