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Photos from Babel Film Festival's post (19 lectures) publié le 28/09/2023 02:15:48
Photos from Gwennyn's post (19 lectures) publié le 28/09/2023 02:15:52
Catalan, Basque and Galician - the next EU official languages? ELEN Press Conference 18th September (47 lectures) publié le 14/09/2023 17:55:06
Au brevet 2023, les copies de collégiens rédigées en breton seront bien corrigées (131 lectures) publié le 30/06/2023 08:56:09
Le Réseau Européen pour l'Égalité des Langues (ELEN), demande une ratification rapide de la Charte européennes des (1174 lectures) publié le 09/05/2012 11:07:00
Council of Europe warns UK that it must do more to meet its obligations to protect its regional and stateless languages (804 lectures) publié le 25/03/2007 17:03:00
European Parliament creates Intergroup to defend national minorities, constitutional regions and regional languages (1345 lectures) publié le 27/11/2004 01:59:00
Dedication to Welsh hero in four languages (1475 lectures) publié le 16/11/2004 10:22:00
Welsh language activists ready to face prison (1034 lectures) publié le 10/10/2004 17:10:00
Pujol : "No to" Constitution unless EU status for Catalan amidst further controversy over the language in Valencia (1012 lectures) publié le 10/10/2004 17:04:00
"A Momentous Day" for Scottish Gaelic (1425 lectures) publié le 02/10/2004 09:04:00
First british passeport in welsh (971 lectures) publié le 28/09/2004 08:30:00
The first Basque television station broadcast on the internet (1665 lectures) publié le 21/08/2004 14:58:00
New Catalan TV channel launched in Alguer, Sardinia (677 lectures) publié le 29/07/2004 13:15:00
Spanish Ministers continue to support EU official status for Catalan, Basque and Galician (520 lectures) publié le 29/07/2004 13:13:00
Plaid Cymru puts pressure on Foreign Secretary to give status to Welsh in Europe (708 lectures) publié le 28/07/2004 08:21:00
Attempts to speak Irish in Parliament underscore need for upgraded status (516 lectures) publié le 23/07/2004 08:59:00
A linguistically diverse day in the European Parliament: Bernat Joan MEP uses Catalan, Bertie Ahern uses Irish (454 lectures) publié le 23/07/2004 08:57:00
New MEPs are quick to press minority issues (460 lectures) publié le 22/07/2004 17:22:00
Irish Government to work for full EU official status for Irish (521 lectures) publié le 15/07/2004 17:45:00
French: a lesser-used language? (516 lectures) publié le 15/07/2004 17:42:00
EU elections: Galician Euro-MP's seat denied in 'Florida Style' recount, disillusionment elsewhere (706 lectures) publié le 09/07/2004 16:07:00
Irish Presidency against Catalan, Basque and Galician having Treaty language status? (508 lectures) publié le 15/06/2004 17:01:00
EU elections: European party groups’ positions on diversity largely ignore language rights issues (406 lectures) publié le 11/06/2004 11:39:00
EU elections Spain: languages and the draft Constitution at the centre of debate (643 lectures) publié le 10/06/2004 07:04:00
EU elections Wales : parties support Welsh but only Plaid Cymru mention other minoritised languages (468 lectures) publié le 10/06/2004 06:59:00
UNESCO Forum. Wanted: Breton Language Act (2264 lectures) publié le 20/05/2004 22:35:00
Further discussions on EU status for Catalan, Basque and Galician: French Foreign Minister Barnier warns against ‘re-o (316 lectures) publié le 14/05/2004 09:06:00
Plaid Cymru call for Welsh to have official EU recognition (283 lectures) publié le 13/05/2004 22:38:00
Small and lesser used languages must co-operate, say Welsh language groups after EU enlargement (537 lectures) publié le 09/05/2004 08:35:00
An independent Wales could help minority languages across Europe says Welsh leader Dafydd Iwan (863 lectures) publié le 28/04/2004 07:58:00
Scots, Ulster Scots and Manx react to experts report on European language charter (647 lectures) publié le 25/04/2004 07:36:00
Gwynedd Council calls on Breton governmental bodies to take action on behalf of the Breton language (523 lectures) publié le 24/04/2004 08:39:00
New Finnish Language Act: progress in language legislation? (1975 lectures) publié le 07/03/2004 07:47:00
“Nathanna Cainte don Raidió/Irish Phrases for Radio” launched by Minister Dermot Ahern T.D. (627 lectures) publié le 06/03/2004 09:06:00
Does the EU have a language policy? (558 lectures) publié le 06/03/2004 09:03:00
Catalan NGOs denounce the Spanish government´s ´linguistic discrimination´ at the UN (801 lectures) publié le 28/02/2004 22:13:00
Burning of second homes to restart in Wales? (1418 lectures) publié le 28/02/2004 22:09:00
Irish Government supports Dáil Éireann Motion (412 lectures) publié le 26/02/2004 21:58:00
Partnership for Diversity forum calls on MEPs to promote lesser-used languages in European electoral campaigns (392 lectures) publié le 26/02/2004 21:55:00
Irish as an EU official language ‘not possible’ says Ahern (427 lectures) publié le 30/01/2004 19:26:00
Irish Presidency remain uncommitted to Irish as an official EU language for the near future (425 lectures) publié le 28/01/2004 14:33:00
Breton à l’école : une jeune bretonne suspend sa grève de la faim. (462 lectures) publié le 27/01/2004 13:07:00
EBLUL report: Basque language situation in Nafarroa ‘very worrying’ (435 lectures) publié le 25/01/2004 18:15:00
All Party Motion in Seanad Éireann calls for Official Status for Irish in the EU (350 lectures) publié le 24/01/2004 16:48:00
Le premier ministre gallois s’intéresse au breton (410 lectures) publié le 21/01/2004 16:49:00
First language law for North Frisian presented to the Landtag Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein (1313 lectures) publié le 16/01/2004 19:32:00
Christa Prets MEP Report on cultural diversity adopted in the European Parliament (558 lectures) publié le 15/01/2004 17:48:00
Political coalition strengthens in support of Irish as an official EU language (925 lectures) publié le 14/01/2004 17:09:00
All German parties for language diversity (419 lectures) publié le 14/01/2004 17:01:00
Pension scheme changes a threat to the Welsh language, says Plaid Cymru, the Welsh national party (385 lectures) publié le 02/01/2004 08:36:00
'Une télévision bretonne pour tous'. Nouvelle pétition pour une chaîne de télévision bretonne (351 lectures) publié le 24/12/2003 08:26:00
Liquidation for Irish language policy research centre, Institiúid Teangeolaíochta Éireann (ITÉ) (1278 lectures) publié le 21/12/2003 17:58:00
E.U. Commission questions South Tyrolean minority model (389 lectures) publié le 21/12/2003 17:55:00
New Catalan Government aims to end ‘relaxed attitude’ towards language (487 lectures) publié le 18/12/2003 19:22:00
Seán Ó Cuirreáin nominated by the government as the first Irish Language Commissioner (378 lectures) publié le 18/12/2003 19:18:00
Moves towards a Hungarian language channel in Transylvania (853 lectures) publié le 17/12/2003 19:17:00
Miquel Mayol MEP: a growing language 'resistance movement' in Rosselló - north Catalunya (545 lectures) publié le 16/12/2003 20:04:00
Welsh Language Board to develop work of European language boards (897 lectures) publié le 15/12/2003 14:09:00
Italian revision of draft Constitution includes ‘minority groups’ in Article 2 (451 lectures) publié le 14/12/2003 21:06:00
Diwan Breton-medium schools being held to ransom over public funding (484 lectures) publié le 13/12/2003 19:29:00
Cultural Priorities on Scotland’s Political Agenda (291 lectures) publié le 08/12/2003 22:59:00
Hungarians to continue to campaign for a European Committee of National and Ethnic Minorities (577 lectures) publié le 08/12/2003 22:56:00
Minorities to be discussed in EU constitution pre-summit talks amid national minority concerns (233 lectures) publié le 29/11/2003 08:50:00
Welsh-speakers in the public sector should be paid more, says councillor (279 lectures) publié le 28/11/2003 18:54:00
Irish place-names to have equal status as implementation of new language act gets underway (388 lectures) publié le 27/11/2003 07:15:00
Committee of the Regions unanimously backs Action Plan for linguistic diversity (451 lectures) publié le 20/11/2003 19:47:00
European Social Forum: some ‘indifference’ to language issues (2317 lectures) publié le 20/11/2003 08:53:00
Nouvelle campagne pour une télévision bretonne suite aux difficultés de TV Breizh (413 lectures) publié le 12/11/2003 21:30:00
Culture Committee meets to discuss ‘safeguarding cultural diversity’ (322 lectures) publié le 06/11/2003 19:19:00
Good news for ‘bodies active at European level in the field of culture’ (363 lectures) publié le 06/11/2003 19:16:00
Welsh-speaking lawyers practice their language skills (347 lectures) publié le 04/11/2003 17:14:00
Harry Potter goes Gaelic (393 lectures) publié le 04/11/2003 10:38:00
/ The Irish government has but to ask!' Campaign launched for enhanced status of Irish in the EU (356 lectures) publié le 03/11/2003 13:59:00
Council of Europe Framework Convention for National Minorities (FCNM) celebrates fifth anniversary (431 lectures) publié le 03/11/2003 13:54:00
State and union intransigence as Diwan Breton-medium schools face cash crisis (364 lectures) publié le 28/10/2003 17:00:00
OSCE publishes guidelines on the use of minority languages in the broadcast media (293 lectures) publié le 27/10/2003 18:00:00
Committee of the Regions calls for multiannual programme for language learning and linguistic diversity (229 lectures) publié le 20/10/2003 11:11:40
Spanish Civil Guard arrest eight in raids on new Basque newspaper (326 lectures) publié le 17/10/2003 08:54:07
New Scottish Government Gaelic Bill - at last (321 lectures) publié le 16/10/2003 17:16:04
EBLUL hold conference on linguistic diversity in the European Parliament (288 lectures) publié le 16/10/2003 20:28:33