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An Unusual Visitor

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[Manx ] BBC Wales (appropriately) reports here on the appearance in the South Irish Sea of numbers of Long Finned Pilot Whales (link): http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-37198843 The species is quite prevalent in the Atlantic but less usually spotted in these waters. With whale watching now a major research and tourist industry all around these Islands we

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Celtic League At Frongoch 1916 Commemoration

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[Manx ] Local residents in Frongoch (near Y Bala, North Wales) organised a series of events over the weekend of June 10th and 11th 2016 to commemorate the Frongoch Interment camp and the 1,800 Irish men who were interned there after the Easter Rising in 1916. The organisers stated; ?Sadly, this important part

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As volunteers clean beaches multi-nationals lose thousands of containers in our seas

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[Manx ] Every year thousands of containers are lost overboard from container ships. On this one Maersk vessel alone over 500 containers were lost. Eddie Power, who runs the Crown Dependency News site, is back of its hols so the Manx Social Media equivalent of the Financial

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Konterien, prientit ho istor !

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[Sant-Turian / Saint Thurien] Kan ar bobl e Sant Turian d'ar sul 22 a viz Genver 2017 : emgav evit an holl a blij dezho selaou kon... » En savoir plus


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