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You are not alone : 1 Million signatures for cultural diversity in Europe

16 janvier | ABP (Marie-Noelle Rinquin) | Europe

[Vannes/Gwened] Solidarity among European minorities is urgently needed to obtain the EU legal act for the equality of the regions and the sustainability of the regional cultures! We need your support and signature before 7th May 2020.

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Anne de Bretagne 500 years: a film-report that counts in the Breton heritage

11 novembre | ABP (Maryvonne Cadiou) | Histoire de Bretagne

[Blain/Blaen (44)] This is the 500 years after her death, commemorated throughout Brittany and elsewhere in France, including the Val de Loire, in 2014. Presented last Saturday, November 4th in Blain in preview in front of about 120 guests, it created a sensation... All people invited were concerned at one time or another by the events shown in this film, put back in memory and in pictures ; all were enchanted. Many also discovered in this report events they had not been aware of because too far away from their home. Note the words: love, symbolic keystone, symbiosis, magic, harmony, magnetism ... inspired by Anne to the presenters of the film, actors also and parts of our Duchess' 2014 commemorations.

The Breton national anthem is now official

26 novembre | BREZHOWEB | Politique

[Bretagne/Breizh] The Breton national anthem, the “Bro Gozh ma Zadoù” was made official by the Breton Regional Council in of November 2021.

Housing crisis in Brittany: Second homes in question

24 novembre | BREZHOWEB | Interceltisme

[Bretagne/Breizh] More and more people are buying a house in Brittany, sometimes for just a few days holiday in the year. There are now 13% of second homes on average in Brittany, but this percentage is much higher on the coast.

Tourism in Brittany after the Coronavirus - 4 munud e Breizh

2 octobre | BREZHOWEB | Langues de Bretagne

[Bretagne/Breizh] Tourism is an important sector of activity in Brittany accounting for more than 8% of the GDP. What consequences has the epidemic and the virus

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