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Brexit, a chance for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Frexit, a chance for Brittany

19 janvier | Le Coadic | actions facebook | CPH : 0.1

[Londres] On June 24, 2016, exit of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union was decided by referendum. Following these British examples, it is possible to consider in France an identical scenario if an exit from the European Union is realized

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NAMA And The Manx Money The Plot Thickens

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[Manx ] ?Ironic that the first political casualty was not one of those with his greasy paws in the pot? The Northern Portfolio NAMA deal continues to make political waves. You may have forgotten it the allegations centred on over

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Australia: Africa: Latin America ? Scottish Estate Owning Multi National Exploit The Globe

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[Manx ] Worker exploitation, human rights abuses and disregard for the environment around the world welcome to the families and corporations that own a fair bit of Scotland. Global Justice Now have produced a report on a range of multinationals involved in abuses of indigenous peoples in Australia and exploitation in Ethiopia and

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Fifty Years Later One Of The Last Vile Acts Of Colonialism Is Still Not Righted

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[Manx ] Nationalists are often accused of being introverted and caring little for that which goes on in the wider world. In terms of Celtic nationalism over the years in the Celtic League we have confounded that stereotypical description by periodically at AGMs speaking out for oppressed peoples. We have condemned China for its

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