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S4C Screen 1916 Programme October 2nd ? Viewing Options

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[Manx ] With this year being the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising in Dublin a variety of items have been taking place. The Celtic League held its AGM in Dublin again this year at Easter and events organised by the branch have taken place in Ireland and Wales. This evening Welsh language channel

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Alex Salmond To Give Oration At Glasnevin Cemetery Ivy Day Commemoration 2016

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[Manx ] An Conradh Ceilteach the Irish Branch of The Celtic League has drawn attention to the Ivy Day Commemoration of Charles Stewart Parnell at Glasnevin Cemetery on 2nd October 2016. In particular Alex Salmond from the Scottish National Party will be giving an oration and laying a wreath at the commemoration.

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What Is France Hiding in The Files On The Malagasy Rebellion?

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[Manx ] ‘There were massacres, villages were burned by French troops and in one horrendous incident live people were thrown from a French military plane’. Earlier this year a further claim was brought in the United Kingdom High Court for victims of violence perpetrated by the UK military and security police in Kenya

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d'ar Merc'her 22 Meurzh 2017 13h47 | Skoazell Diwan Sant-Nazer/Saint-Nazaire | CPH : 0.9

[Sant Mark] Emgav e Sant-Nazer evit distro an abadennoù brezhoneg war France 3 Naoned... » En savoir plus


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