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Call for rights activists to be protected

29 juin | Celtic League | Europe | | CPH : 0.0

[Manx ] Rights activists supporting indigenous people in Colombia whose land is being exploited by one of the largest open cast coal mines in South America have been threatened. The ‘Stop Blood Coal Alliance’ has said that it is “extremely worried” about the safety of communities in La Guajira, in particular, their
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British Army Murder Gangs in The Spotlight

19 novembre | Celtic League | Europe | 0 | CPH : 0.0

[Manx ] ?Ulster investigation shines focus on murder gang strategy used in Malaya, Kenya and the North of Ireland? With today?s announcement that the body of an unarmed civilian man shot in the North of Ireland in 1972 is to be exhumed it seems that at long last a judicial spotlight may be
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Third generation nuclear if its not ?common knowledge?; it should be!

26 novembre | Celtic League | Europe | 0 | CPH : 0.0

[Manx ] A contributor to IOM NEWS AND POLITICS has posted a petition about the new build nuclear plant at Sellafield and says: ?Don’t know if this is common knowledge but thought I’d flag this.? It should be common knowledge and it should be a feature of governments concern (i.e. the Manx, Welsh, Scottish
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19 novembre | Celtic League | CPH : 0.0

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fest Zik ZH 2020

Zik ZH 2020

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