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Attempts by Germany to reactivate a 10 year old extradition application against Irish republican, Roisin McAliskey, have been condemned by the Celtic League. The League's Director of Information has told the German Ambassador to London that Germany should address its own links with proven terrorists before it pursues allegations against others.

«For the attention:

Wolfgang Ischinger Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Court of St. James Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 23 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8P

ZDear Ambassador Ischinger,

I was surprised to learn recently that your country was once again seeking the extradition of Roisin McAliskey.

Ms McAliskey's extradition was initially sought by Germany in November 1996 and led to a protracted period of imprisonment for this young woman, during which she suffered both physically and mentally. We corresponded with your Embassy at that time and you will find our concerns on record. The United Kingdom government also attracted considerable criticism and opprobrium over their treatment of this young woman during her detention whilst pregnant.

Amnesty International also took the unusual step of calling for »urgent action« from its branches and members worldwide to protest to both the British and German governments

I am astonished that your government has chosen to reactivate this case after all this time.

However, what is perhaps most extraordinary about this situation is the extent to which your government is prepared to pursue a vendetta against the past 'alleged' terrorist misdemeanours of this woman and yet your countries own agencies turn a blind eye to the PROVEN terrorist murder perpetrated by others.

I think that a few discreet enquiries to your Defence and Foreign Ministries will establish that some of the terrorists in the service of the French DGSE who sank the Greenperace Vessel Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, in an outrage in which one innocent civilian was killed, have not only visited Germany but, in a continued and promoted intelligence role, enjoyed the cooperation of your own agencies.

Germany hardly enjoys the moral authority to seek the extradition of this woman for 'alleged' terrorist offences when its own intelligence services actively cooperate with criminals.

I sincerely hope that on this occasion the British courts give your countries application short shrift!

Yours sincerely

James Bernard Moffatt Director of Information»

News reports on the earlier campaign work on behalf of Roisin McAliskey can be found on the Celtic News archive from 1997-98 at:

(voir le site)

J B Moffatt Director of Information Celtic League


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