The Breton Party at Plaid Cymru Spring Conference, Cardiff, 3rd & 4th of April 2009.

-- Elections 2009 --

Communiqué de presse de Parti breton
Porte-parole: Gérard Olliéric

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Alexandre Delin, Head of the External Federation of the Breton Party, Alexandre Le Gall, member of the National Excecutive, Hervé Le Gwenn and Marie Théphany, candidats for the European elections, were at the University of Wales Institute, in Cardiff for the Plaid Cymru Spring Conference on the 3rd & 4th of April.

We saw the dynamism of the Party of Wales, a modern movement building a modern nation. We also had the opportunity to meet some personalities such as Dafydd Iwan, predident of Plaid Cymru, Eurig Wyn, candidat for the European elections, and Adam Price, MP, whose speech, which showed a true nationalist, was very applauded. He referred to the Non Nation States of Europe. Thus, he mentioned in Welsh, Brittany, raising the problem of the partition of his territory, and consequently, gave his support to its engagement and revendications in order to be recognised as an entire European nation.

The question of a referendum concerning the implementation of a Parliament in Cardiff, which would allow the Country to widen its decision-making skills, seems so more than ever in the agenda. The campaign for the European elections was launched by Jill Evans, current representative in Strasbourg. Finally, Simon Wooley, coordinator for the operation " black vote ", congratulated Plaid Cymru for its policy in favour of the immigrant minorities, and reminded that it was the first party to have a black elected representative. Morever, it has a specific branch for the Muslims, and present numerous immigrant candidates. Once again, we can see that it is a party open to diversity, working for the people of Wales.

What the Welsh people can achieve, the Bretons are also capable of accomplishing it. On the 9th of June, European elections are to offer the inhabitants of Brittany the opportunity to make the voice of their country be heard. The Breton Party, as Plaid Cymru, is the party that can gather together all those who want Brittany to participate in the elaboration of a federal Europe, close to citizens, respectful of its identities and cultures, in one word, attached to the principle of democracy.

On the 7th of June, together, let's make Brittany part of Europe. For the Breton Party, London, Alexandre Delin, Head of the External Federation.

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