Media Release: Celtic League call for international negotiation to resolve Rockall dispute

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Communique de presse de Celtic League

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Media release from the Celtic League:Celtic League call for international negotiation to resolve Rockall disputeThreats have been made to take action against Irish vessels fishing within 12 mile of the disputed uninhabited north Atlantic islet of Rockall. The United Kingdom claimed Rockall in 1955 and incorporated it as a part of Scotland in 1972. The reason that the British laid its imperial ambition to “own” Rockall was in order to lay claim to the significant fishing grounds and the oil-rich Atlantic seabed that surround it. The calls for the Scottish government to take some form of enforcement action against Irish vessels has to be rejected. The Celtic League is a long standing organisation that promotes interceltlc co-operation. The use of force to resolve the issue of Rockall is clearly the wrong approach. The Celtic League calls for the matter to be resolved by negotiation and international referral.Issued by Alastair Kneale, Director of Information Celtic League.9 June 2019

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