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For Brittany finally independent!

The platform claiming "For Brittany finally major!" advances proposals that elude the idea of Brittany ​​independence.

Yves-François Le Coadic pour Le Coadic le 27/03/19 0:10

The AR FALZ association, recently noting that the structural foundations of Brittany were threatened, launched a platform claiming "For Brittany finally major!" https://bretagnemajeure.bzh/ Why "major"? (Would it be still minor or under guardianship?

Remember that a person of full age is a person who has reached the legal age of majority, who can thus become independent from his / her parents or guardians, from his / her studies or emotional life, from his / her home and it is a person who has the right to vote. It will be placed under guardianship, a protective measure intended to protect a person of full age and his/her patrimony, when he/she will no longer be able to guarantee himself/herself the protection of his/her interests.

About a people, one will say that it is major when it is able to direct itself because it reached a sufficient degree of evolution, that is to say when it became independent . Is the Breton people able to direct itself? It is clear that today it is a minor people. He is far from independent being under the tutelage of another people, the French people.

As a result, it is a people threatened with extinction. As the platform emphasizes, it is "the end of Brittany, a singular society, an original people, a human and political construction of more than a millennium and a half". And it is urgent that it asserts its identity, that it equips itself with the means to elaborate its destiny, to build its project of life. In a word, it becomes independent again!

You do not believe it! The word independence in France is a taboo word. It does not appear at any time in this platform, not even as a concept like any other, beside autonomy, self-determination. Would it be an offense as the Catalans proclaim it today, which is worth their representatives to be incarcerated for over a year and risk years of imprisonment?

It would certainly be a crime in France (at OUEST-FRANCE too, a local newspaper ). What leads the authors of this platform to frail proposals, not for Brittany but for the Region (with a capital R): proposal of a "new political organization claimed", proposal of a "differentiated status".

To contribute in this way, is it not to definitively kill Brittany? And can we still speak of Breton people? While in Catalonia there are more Catalans than Spaniards, in Corsica there are more Corsicans than French, in Scotland there are almost as many Scots as English. and that in Quebec, almost as many Quebecers as there are Canadians, in Brittany, there are more French (93%) than Bretons (7%)! Measured by political votes, it is indeed the French national political parties that are the only representatives of the Breton minority in the French parliament. "These Gallic adventurers, these foreign bastards who are no more Breton than is dove the viper hatched at the nest of the dove" as described in 1847 by Théodore Hersart de la Villemarqué. This is hardly better at the level of the Council of the Brittany Region. Only 3 out of 83 (4%) councilors claim to have a regionalist ideology, particularly morbid, which often confines them to the linguistic sector.

Without independence, no salvation!

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