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The Celtic League has written to North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom expressing further support for his suggestion of a distinct Welsh police badge for his Force

The text of the letter from League General secretary, Rhisiart Tal-e-bot, is set out below:

«Dear Chief Constable Brunstrom

Welsh Police Uniform and Badge

Once again I am compelled to write to you offering our support and congratulations on your suggestion that the police in Gwynedd adopt a distinct Welsh police badge.

At our AGM in Caerdydd last month the following resolution was adopted unanimously:

The Celtic League supports the Chief Constable of North Wales Police, Richard Brunstrom, suggestion that the police units in Gwynedd wear their own distinct Welsh uniform and for his idea to be emulated throughout Wales.

Delegates at our AGM thought that it was an excellent idea and one that could be easily emulated on the police uniforms throughout the rest of Wales and also in the other Celtic countries. Personally I am in favour of the badge with the words Gwlad, Gwlad written on it, in addition to the word Heddlu. I am sure all our members would also support the inclusion of more Welsh on the current uniform. Moreover, the use of the Ddraig Goch on the badge would add to the distinctiveness of the Welsh uniform.

However, as a number of other people on your blog have commented, is there any need for the word Police on the badge? People in Wales are fully aware that Heddlu means Police and if only this word was used I don't think it would pose a problem. After all, people in Ireland are aware that Garda Síochána are the national police force and do not have to use another word.

We believe that a distinctive Welsh police uniform would help to bring the role of the police back into the heart of the community and give people a heightened sense of camaraderie with the force.

The Celtic League will be writing to the other Chief Constables in Wales inviting them to also consider using your own distinct Welsh badge idea and adopting the uniform your officers already wear. We will also be writing to the First Minister, Rt. Hon Rhodri Morgan AM asking that he gives you and other Chief Constables who wish to implement your ideas, in their own constabularies, his full support. In addition, we will also be writing to other Chief Constables in the other Celtic countries suggesting that they also use a specific design on their badges and appropriate wording from the Celtic languages that their own constabularies are in or cover.

Many thanks again for taking this initiative and bringing this debate firmly into the public domain.

Yours faithfully Rhisiat Tal-ebot General Secretary»

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J B Moffatt Director of Information Celtic League


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