First meeting of the association "VigiBretagne-EvezhBreizh" in Guérande June 18, 2016

-- La réunification --

Communiqué de presse de VigiBretagne-EvezhBreizh
Porte-parole: . Pêr Loquet et Arno Courjal

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Press release from the Vigilance Committee for the respect of the integrity of the Breton territory, June 8, 2016.

About the name of the association, see paragraph down article.

Press release

It is with great pleasure that we received your positive answers to the creation of this vigilance network.

An important work of organization, information networking should be in place to thwart revisionism that has existed for years on our Breton territory. All information can already be communicated to us (1).

The founding assembly of the association will be held on Saturday, June 18 at 2.30 pm, in the Athanor space, 2 avenue Anne de Bretagne, Guérande.

We have drafted statutes of the association and its internal rules.

See the PDF below (in French).

They will be discussed and approved at the founding meeting.

The amount of the fee will be decided then.

Our respectful Breton greetings.

Signed Pêr Loquet and Arno Courjal

Announce your presence or send your proxy

Please since now you can send us an email - see the model below - only at vigibretagne-evezhbreizh [at], announcing your presence with us on June 18, or, if not possible, the recipient of your proxy, at the same address.

Constituent Assembly VigiBretagne-EvezhBreizh

- Full name: Will be present, will not be present ;

- Presents his (her) candidacy to the board: yes, no ;

- If unable to attend, I give my proxy to : name, first name.

Or by post mail to:

Pêr Loquet, 3 street Aristide Briand

44350 Gwenrann-Guérande


The name of the association

(voir notre article) of 10 April for the announcement of the constitution of this association, which is now named VigiBretagne-EvezhBreizh with Evezh from the Breton expression Taolit evezh: be cautious (Teurel evezh, beware).

ABP extracts of 10 April 2016 for recall

- We will be the «Breton RG» (Renseignements Généraux = General enquiries). We will react to the authors of statements that we will receive.

- They will hold a General Assembly where they wish five vice presidents to be active, one in each department of Brittany, and even 6 : one for Bretons in the diaspora.

Therefore (voir notre article) (in French) with further edifying comments...

(1) Providing documents on the subject at the meeting?

Yes it is possible, provided that the clippings are accompanied by accurate and complete references, including:

Newspaper title, date, page (name or number), which edition...

Translated from (voir notre article) by Maryvonne Cadiou

Document PDF 40355-vigibretagne_evezhbreizh_statuts.pdf Comité VigiBretagne-EvezhBreizh. Statuts. Source : Association VigiBretagne-Evezh-Breizh
Document PDF 40355-vigibretagne_evezhbreizh_reglement_interieur.pdf Association VigiBretagne-EvezhBreizh. Réglement intérieur. Source : Association VigiBretagne-Evezh-Breizh
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The Vigilance Committee for the integrity of the Breton territory has been created in April 2016 for the respect of complete Brittany (5 departments) in the press, on websites and blogs, in the speeches and writings... and also to respond directly to authors who do not respect the integrity of our territory.

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