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There are several millions Bretons expatriate and their offsprings across the planete. Very few belong to a cultural association, some are isolated in huge north american or asian megapolis. Some are even lost in equarorial jungles as seen on TVBreizh show "Sur la route des Bretons" . Internet brings a new oportunity to keep the breton emigration in touch with the motherland but also to weave a web of contacts with fellow countrymen for cultural, business and commercial goals.

Agence Bretagne Presse, OBE (an organization of Bretons expatriate) and the Association Bretons of California just launched the World Wide Breton Network, a data base integrating data coming from these associations (still in construction). Hopefully we will merge also one day with data. This database is accessible on line on the site of ABP at (voir le site) in french, in english at (voir le site) and soon on the site of OBE at (voir le site)

To use or search the data you need first to register. It is free. Only the information you volounteer will be visible to others, excepted your email that will never show up, to protect you from spammers and viruses. You still will be able to contact others via web email. You will also receive a password that will enable you to update your data when needed.

The system is not reserved to Bretons expatriate but open to all Bretons and friends of Brittany who may need contacts or information on as far places as Azerbaijan or British Columbia.

Let''s weave the breton network!

Philippe Argouarch

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