The Breton Party reacts to Nicolas Sarkozy's speech: a reunified Brittany by the 2010 regional elections

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Communiqué de presse de Parti breton
Porte-parole: Gérard Olliéric

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The Breton Party highlights the fact that, for the first time, a president of the French Republic questions openly Brittany's partition, speaking of Nantes as the capital of Brittany. Two other points are also important in the president's speech : " all the regions do not have to be organised the same way" with the possibility to provide them with more responsibilities as long as they are " easier to understand, more efficient and less costly".

For the Breton Party, this stance applies directly to Brittany. Brittany needs, at least, a specific status. On the contrary, creating a "West" region would be as artificial and suppressing the departements without Brittany's unity would be detrimental to Atlantic-Loire and to Brittany. Brittany has every criteria of cultural, historic, geographic and economic coherence. Its unity will not hinder any kind of cooperation for general interest infrastructures on a broader area, in France or in Europe.

As a first step, to place Brittany at a European level, the Breton Party supports Brittany of the 5 departements, as well as devolutions for culture, audiovisual, education, environment, agriculture and fishing. The councillors cannot at the same time ask for simpler administrative structures, and postpone the necessary reforms every time. For the Breton Party, Brittany's administrative unity has to be effective by the 2010 regional elections.

for the Breton Party,

Emile Granville

Member of the National Council

Redon deputy mayor

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