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Strong Breton presence in Ireland for Saint Patrick's Day
Several Bagads and a Cercle Celtique have been invited this year to some of the major Irish cities for Saint Patrick's Day In Dublin, Galway and Cork
Josselin LE GALL pour Breizh Eire le 12/03/10 12:18

Several Bagads and a Cercle Celtique have been invited this year to some of the major Irish cities for Saint Patrick's Day:

- In Dublin the bagad Glaziked from Pouldergat has been invited by the Alliance Francaise. They will take part in the parade on Saint Patrick's Day, and will play in a Breton event held in the Alliance Francaise (Kildare st.) from 6.30pm – 9.00pm.

- In Galway will be coming a bagad and a cercle celtique from Lorient, like every year the Lorient-Galway twinning committee is sending a major Breton delegation. The bagad Sonerienn An Oriant and the Cercle Brizeux will be taking part in the parade: you will find them at the Town Hall Theatre on St Patrick's Day from 9.00pm, and the following day at Monroe's (Dominic st.) from 9.00pm.

- The French Consulate of Cork has invited a trio from the renowned bagad Lann-Bihoue to play in the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Cork from 1pm, as well as the Old Oak (Oliver Plunket St.) on the 15th of March from 3pm, on the 18th from 7pm, and on the 19th from 10pm.

There will be more Breton presence at the following events in Ireland :

• Panceltic Festival in Dingle, 06th to 11th of April

• Devezhioù ar Brezhoneg en Iwerzhon – Days of the Breton Language in Ireland, 17th & 18th of April in Galway

• Celtic Media Festival on the 21st – 23rd of April in Newry

• St Yves' Day – Brittany's Day in Cork, fest-noz on the 22nd of May

(voir le site)

breizheire [at] gmail.com

+353 87 411 71 04

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We are some bretons and people found of Brittany living in Ireland. We are trying to gather the Bretons and all people who likes Brittany on the "green island" around cultural activities, linguistic, to stimulate the bonds at any level between our two Celtic countries... We organise different events and regular activities trhough the year all over Ireland. BreizhEire has so far four branches, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast. If you are interested to know more about us, check our website www.breizheire.ie and do not hesitate to send us an email at breizheire@gmail.com if you wish to join our newletter about all events/activities regarding Brittany/ interceltism in Ireland.
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