Scottish National Party MP, Mhairi Black, has slammed UK Labour Party members of parliament for voting against their own Party?s motion to block arms shipments to Saudi Arabia (link): (voir le site) UK is supplying aircraft and munitions being used in the air attacks on civilian targets in Yemen.The SNP oppose arming the Saudis. Ms Black says:?The issue of Saudi?s involvement in the war in Yemen, the bombings of civilians and the lack of any real independent investigation into these war crimes was generally played down as Labour MPs lined up with Tories to excuse these atrocities in case it harmed the UK?s deals in supplying the Saudis with the weapons used to kill civilians.?Since March 2015 3.1 million people in Yemen have been forced to flee their homes, over 6,700 have been killed and over 33,000 have been injured. According to sources such as Oxfam, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch this country stands on the brink of famine.?Schools, markets, health centres and civilian targets are routinely attacked by the Saudis who are supported by RAF and USAF intelligence and targeting information.Attempts to broker a peace settlement are currently being obstructed by the Saudi?s.Image: A man cradles his child fatally injured in Saudi bombing raids on SanaaMore articles like this type YEMEN into the search on our FACEBOOK page.BERNARD MOFFATTPublic Relations Officer Mannin BranchIssued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.06/11/16 

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