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January 2007 : Table of contents of Horizons Bretons new issue.
"Bretons du Monde" gathers people together, who come from Brittany or who identify with Breton culture. "Bretons du Monde" is open to everybody, without distinction and is of no of political or religious affiliation. Breton emigration has led to the creation of a broad and active disapora. "Bretons du Monde"
Émilie Champliaud pour ABP le 7/01/07 20:52

« Horizons Bretons » is a magazine that is produced by the “Bretons du Monde” team [See website]. « Horizons Bretons » is devoted to the Breton diaspora and will be included as a supplement in Armor−Magazine.

In the January 2007 issue, readers can read about :

- Mozaïk (Spezet Brug ar Menez troup's show in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Breton circle of Sartrouville, in Yvelines, on 22nd October)

- Didier Le Gal from Pescarolo Sport in the United Arab Emirates

- The musical rum route : two bards at the XIVe harp days in the Caribbean

- Breton music in Provence : Sonerien ar Su and Noz gwenn

- Bretons from Paris displayingn their unity (An evening on 26th October that gathered together members of Club de Bretagne, Cadres Bretons and Paris Breton, with a Breton buffet made by Lafayette Gourmet.)

- The January−February 2007 programme of the Breton people in Ile de France, France and the rest of the world ( traineeships, festoù−noz, exhibitions, evenings and concerts).

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