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This week marks the death of a key activist, Buenaventura Durruti, at the start of the Spanish Civil War. Allen Moore the International Officer of Mec Vannin who travels extensively in Catalunya and the Basque country penned this article about him?The 80th anniversary of the death of Buenaventura DurrutiThis Sunday sees the 80th anniversary of the death of Buenaventura Durruti, who was the most famous of the anarchists in the Spanish Civil War. When the fascists tried to take over Barcelona in the right wing rising which sparked the Civil War, it was the anarchists who helped secure the city against them. Much of the land between Barcelona and Madrid was soon occupied by the fascists, and Catalunya intended to declare for independence, although for the sake of the fight against the common enemy the Catalans accepted a large degree of autonomy from the government in Madrid. The anarchists, the most popular grouping in Catalunya at the time, became part of the autonomous government.Zaragoza, a city in Arag

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