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Agence Bretagne Presse takes a new direction

Press release, May 2nd 2011, 2:15 pm

During an editorial meeting of Brittany Press Agency (Agence Bretagne Presse) which was held on last Saturday, Fabien Lécuyer has agreed to assume the chief editor's role. He will, among others subjects, be responsible for the editorial line and have any freedom to develop and make it evolve so it suits the greatest number of readers, while taking into account those who actively support the project.

The ABP project is essentially the development of an independent regional news media covering Brittany in its whole and the Bretons abroad (“diaspora”), using French, Breton and English languages.

The creator of the agencebretagnepresse.com website, Philippe Argouarch , is currently 62 years old. He decided to hand over ABP daily management. He referred to the difficulties in maintaining an editorial line agreed upon by all in a spirit of tolerance and pluralism, he mentionned the stress of the risk of lawsuit in defamation, genuine sword of Damocles for all small media.

With an increasingly overloaded schedule – he also manages a business: Argouarch multimedia – and not forgetting his personal and family affairs that he acknowledged he neglected for seven years, Philippe Argouarch has even been wishing for some time to be discharged from the civil liability as Director of the media.

The possibility of selling the website has even been considered. Philippe however stated he wants to continue to contribute to the technical development of the website and to make multimedia reports. On this subject, ABP is looking for correspondents to cover the current events in all the major Breton towns of Brittany.

ABP thanks the contributors to Webothon 2011. However, the funds collected by the ABPMN association are currently well below the goal of euros15.000 target. Hardly half. As a result, soon, some reports will be accessible only to subscribers and people who financially support the project (the participants to webothons). To attract high-quality content ABP decided to set up an innovative system of remuneration for accredited journalists or freelance contributors who will place the contributor of content in the center of the system. The choice will be left to him : free and widely available – or remunerated based on the number of readings.

The Editors

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