49th FUEN Congress of Nationalities in Kamien Slaski

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Dépêche de FUEN
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FUEN delegation for preparation talks in Opole

The 49th FUEN Congress of Nationalities will take place

on 19th – 23th May 2004 in Kamien Slaski. This is the result

of talks of the representatives of FUEN (Vicepresident Hans

Heinrich HANSEN and Secretary General Mr Frank NICKELSEN)

with the hosts in Poland (Vicemarshall of the Wojwodztwo

Opolskie , Mr Ryszard GALLA as well as the Vicepresident

of the Wojwodztwo, Mr Richard DONITZA).

Within the framework of these congress preparations the

FUEN representatives took the opportunity to discuss all

technical matters which are necessary for events like this.

But also topics and contents of the congress were discussed:

While all FUEN member-organisations in Poland will get the

opportunity to introduce themselves, the forthcoming Congress

of Nationalities will focus on the EU-enlargment.

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