UK Government penalises disabled claimants
Communiqué de presse de Plaid Cymru

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Plaid Cymru's Hywel Williams MP has criticised the UK Government's consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA) reform, arguing that their welfare reforms are unfairly targeting and stigmatising claimants. Mr Williams accused the UK Government of portraying DLA claimants as 'scroungers' with the consultation drawing a supposed connection with claimants' motivation to work and employment levels. Mr Williams noted that DLA claimants tend to be older, less-well qualified, on benefits for longer, and in poorer health than other disabled people, and that this explained why so few were in work. The Disability Living Allowance (DLA) helps people meet additional costs of disability such as extra heating, replacement of clothing and transport for those unable to help themselves. The UK Government is planning to replace DLA with a new benefit – Personal Independence Payment and all claimants will need to undergo new testing. 244,110 people claim Disability Living Allowance in Wales – 213,780 of those claim it with the mobility component. Mr Williams, a former social worker, said: The DLA is a payment which gives disabled people some independence and control over their lives, but the Tories and Lib Dems are trying to link claiming this with being unwilling to work. DLA is given to people because of their disability rather than being means-tested. People get it because there are extra costs associated with being disabled. For example, people who are unable to walk any distance will need to take more taxis than someone who is fully able bodied, just in order to go shopping, to hospital or just to go out and take part in their communities. The government is trying to use a cause as a consequence. People who claim DLA tend to be older, less-well qualified, on benefits for longer, and in poorer health than other disabled people, and, therefore, are less likely to be working. They are not in work because they are disabled - not refusing to work because they claim DLA. People shouldn't be punished for their disabilities, but that is exactly what this Tory and Lib Dem government is trying to do with these changes. Nobody doubts that welfare reform is necessary, but this cut is totally unfair and will impact on the lives of the most vulnerable in society. There is no doubt that we need to reform the complicated benefits system - but people still need to be treated like individuals. Vulnerable people in our communities should not be penalised – that is the mark of a civilised society. Rhydian Fon James from disability group 'The Broken of Britain' added: I contacted Hywel on behalf of disability rights group The Broken of Britain to express concern about the reforms proposed to DLA. The UK Government has provided little or no reason to justify the changes that they are making which will have a substantial impact upon the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of people. I am glad that Hywel has responded strongly to these proposals that would cause hardship for thousand of disabled people beyond his own constituency in Wales.  

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Jason Pullen
2011-07-23 19:14:58
I am a disabled expat - my severe head-injury was caused by an army driver collecting troops for the UK government...
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Jason Pullen
newseditor [at]
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Saturday, July 23, 2011 6:06 PM
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So, reading the article you provided below, I discover why I am starving...why my life-span is being shortened due to the unhealthy life the Government have pressed me into...why I am so angry - apart from my severe head-injury caused by the UK government causing me to be 'Frightening' as I am perhaps a little 'Loco!'.
Surely, although the European court has apparently ruled that some part of the DLA cannot supposedly be exported...there must be some adjustment available for people such as myself, ..who have suffered greatly directly due to the Government causing my injuries and hence my disabilities and hence my certificate that I am unfit-for-work for life..and wow!, my mother had made prior arrangements to retire abroad...and was hence forced to take me with her due to the care I needed and these arrangement she had already made...surely her early death brought on by the additional stresses and strains of her sick son(me) are the direct cause of the government...? 'Government Murderers!'...
What of the many opportunities I have lost because of these injuries...because of this robbery..places I could not go to - couldn't afford to, ..things I could not buy...couldn't afford to, ..people I could not meet due to the lack of places I could go to and things I could not afford to do...all directly due to the government...causing my injuries and hence forcing me to be taken abroad and hence the start of their illegal robbery of my entitled pension...
Look at the facts...
1. I was severely head-injured because of the UK government...
2. ..hence I was registered disabled due to the UK government...
3. my mother was in effect forced to take me to where she retired...Spain, due to the above...and due to her having made these arrangements prior to the injuries the UK government caused me to suffer.
4. I was certified - by a british doctor in Bournemouth - that I was unfit-for-work for life directly because of the injuries the UK government caused me to suffer...
...hence I am disabled because of the UK government, ..certified unfit-for-work for life...because of the UK government, ..I was taken abroad by my mother who'd made prior arrangements to retire to Spain..., hey, and in Spain she died early - 16 years earlier than her mother's age on death - ..and without her financial aid I was force to seek somewhere cheaper to live, ..hence I am now in Bulgaria.
So, the government are robbers and murderers...and who knows what else they secretly do while putting any relevant details 'out-the back door...'
I tried to claim legal-aid to sue them, and stupidly told them this,, so was refused as I am I waited, and reapplied..and was told that I could get legal-aid abroad, ..but could not because I had capital - property purchased with the supposed compensation I received which is less than a tenth of what I would have received in the cheaper US(I asked a lawyer when my brother took me there(He lives and works there doing what I did when I suffered my perhaps I could have done the same...if not for the UK government causing my injuries and hence stealing my life and hence also stealing my opportunities within life.
Prior to the removal of the DLA(Disability living allowance) I agreed that no further action would be taken at the court case when I was conned into receiving such a small sum - a tenth or less than THE CHEAPER US!
, ..and I was promised a full pension for life wherever I settle in this world... Labour came to office and cut it...and ignored all requests to rectify their mistakes...I 'flipped' and got arrested in Bulgaria(The mafia friendly police here are not worth playing with!) ...Then of course, while they were robbing me...they cut the rob me some more...
I want to ask the European Court how they deem it Just to, in effect, allow the UK government to 'Steal' funds and hence opportunities and hence life from a disabled man THEY made disabled and they FORCED abroad - I had no say in the matter...I think I was gurgling a little and saying things like 'mama...mama,' when I was taken...TAKEN abroad...
Why have I not returned? ...I am certified never to work again...I cannot drive(due to aforesadi injuries..), I cannot socialize - I met a Bulgarian Lady who's disabled...and we sometimes make each other we married. If I come back to the UK, ..I'll want a house from the Government - my property here is probably worth €40,000 - my brain-damage makes me waste whatever money I see - due to the injuries the UK government caused me to suffer(A common head-injury symptom is being unable to understand what things are worth...)
What can I do? My marriage here is getting bad now as I am so angry - head-injured angry!(due to the government), and my wife's disability makes it very difficult for her to cope with any stresses(She's got myastenia gravis and stress can kill her!)
What can I do? I have no money 'spare'(my wife lives from me...), so cannot come to the UK and react to the guilty fools corrupting what was once a great Britain...I cannot phone, ..I send many requests to many DWP and House-of-commons no avail - they are so good at saying 'Not this office, ..try...'
Help me please. I am dying - I suffer from suicidal tendencies due to the injuries the UK government made me suffer....and I keep thinking about dramatically killing myself so the WHOLE world can see what happens when the UK government - in effect! - Kill someone(Jason.1 is dead)...and replaced them with the disabled version, 'Jason.0.3'
What can I do?
Jason Pullen NH103083d(National insuramce number)
Complex Briz, 1 - Trakata . Varna - Bulgaria(not served by the postal service(email works))
Expats lose disability payout fight
By Geoff Meade, PA
Thursday, 5 May 2011
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Britons fighting to keep full disability benefits despite moving abroad lost their legal claim in the European Court of Justice today.
The Luxembourg judges ruled that part of the Disability Living Allowance cannot be "exported" when recipients move to another EU country.
Under EU rules on social security, invalidity benefits cannot be stopped simply because the recipient is living in another member state - but "special non-contributory benefits" may be linked to residency and withheld.
Originally the UK Government declared the whole of the Disability Living Allowance - made up of "care" and "mobility" components - as a special non-contributory benefit and therefore not exportable.
Then in 2007 the European Court ruled that the "care" element, along with the "Carer's Allowance" and "Attendance Allowance", counted as a sickness benefit and was therefore payable to Britons elsewhere in the EU.
But the judges also ruled that the "mobility" part was not exportable.
Today's case challenging the distinction was brought by th
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