Jeremy Rifkin: decentralization is inevitable, including for energy

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Par Fanny Chauffin

Publié le 3/06/11 15:45 -- mis à jour le 00/00/00 00:00

Amazing this American specialist of global problems of economy and energy. After the remarks of the French president in March 2011, Jeremy Rifkin showed through five unstoppable arguments why the XXth century thought, overly centralized, sees its end coming now in the XXIst century, when everything is shared laterally thanks to Internet.

It started with music, then wikipedia, it will be the same for energy. No more uranium available, only 6% of the energy produced in the world comes from nuclear power: for him, the argumentation of France does not hold up.

While France, during the Trente Glorieuses – the thirty years from 1945 to 1975 following the end of the Second World War – prided itself in being one of the three most important nuclear powers in the world, it is now time for this country to start questioning again. And quickly…

Fanny Chauffin

Translation Maryvonne Cadiou from (voir notre article). See video.

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