Cymru: Branch Secretary Questions Relevance of Crown

The Cymru Branch Secretary has been invited to the opening night of an exhibition about the English Queen Elizabeth II at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff on 2nd February 2012.

The exhibition is currently touring different venues in the UK under the title, `The Queen: Art and Image' and Branch Secretary Adam Phillips was invited by the National Museum of Wales to air his views on the exhibition. The exhibition is being described as a major event bringing together remarkable images of Queen Elizabeth II spanning the 60 years of her reign.

However, to present a more balanced picture of the views being expressed in the images, Mr Phillips was asked by the National Museum (St Fagan's team) for his opinion as a member of the Welsh general public. The Museum sent a member of staff to Mr Phillips' home to make a short film of him speaking out about the exhibition, which will be shown at the exhibition at the Museum.

Mr Phillips told the Celtic League:

I am honoured to have been asked my opinion on an issue by our national museum. I am glad that it wasn't just the regular royalist cronies and unionist sycophants that were asked to contribute and that a normal working class person was asked to speak out about the waste of time, money and museum space this exhibition is. I wish someone could tell me what the relevance the Queen of England has to Cymru; perhaps as head of the Commonwealth, but as Queen of England?

No doubt there will be the usual suspects there on the night with their canapés and sparking wine looking to mingle with other colonialist minded folk, harking back to the `glory days of Empire'.

I on the other hand will be looking forward to a time when she [the Queen] can actually do something useful for us by giving us back our nation's freedom and making us a Republic!

`The Queen: Art and Image' exhibition will show at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff between 4 February ?29 April 2012.

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