Illiam Dhone: Vandals Strike In The Wrong Place

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There has been an act of vandalism near the execution site of Manx martyr Illiam Dhone just outside Castletown, Isle of Man.

A ruined structure which post-dates the Dhone execution at the site at Hango Hill has been daubed with obscene graffiti. In addition walls and a roadway nearby have also been targeted.

It is unclear if the vandalism is anti-nationalist but given that the actions occurred just days before Manx nationalist gather at the site to commemorate the execution of Illiam Dhone it seems deliberately timed.

Unlike when anti-colonial slogans were daubed around the Isle of Man two years ago the police and media have been very low-key over the event. The vandalism was reported on internet web forums for days before any acknowledgement from the police or any report in the media.

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Police are reported to have a presence at the Hill to deter any further attacks but it seems highly unlikely that the perpetrators will strike again so it's a case of `locked stable doors'.

The Isle of Mans English Police Chief who was very vocal in the past, threatening dire consequence, when pro-independence slogans were daubed around the Island has been strangely silent about the matter.

If the slogan-daubing is anti-nationalist it marks a new twist in political agitation in Mann. It also shows a degree of ignorance over Manx history and the death of the Martyr as the ruined structure targeted was constructed over a 100 years after the death of Illiam Dhone.

(Article compiled by Bernard Moffatt, DOI, for Celtic News).

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